Know How and When to Lubricate – Free and Easy with the Schaeffler Grease App

With the intuitive web-based app or the app to download for your mobile device you can quickly determine the most suitable type of Arcanol grease, the grease service life, the relubrication interval, and the lubricant quantity for initial lubrication and relubrication of your bearings with just a few entries and clicks. This way, you can avoid over- or undergreasing, incorrect intervals and unsuitable lubricant selection. The tool can be used on any mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. This means that the information is available everywhere - even in the workshop environment where the lubrication is carried out. The knowledge comes from Schaeffler experts with decades of expertise in lubricants and rolling bearings. And it will always be up to date, as all calculations in the Schaeffler Grease App are carried out within the proven rolling bearing simulation program Bearinx. If you have frequently overgreased in the past, this will no longer happen with the use of the free Schaeffler Grease App. Less grease also means: acting more sustainably.